Palm Sunday

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Bible Text: Psalm 118:1-29 | Speaker: Pastor Amy | Series: Prayer |

Today’s message on Prayer its focused and guided by parts of Psalm 118, the prayer psalm which people were chanting on that first Palm Sunday. Follow this guide to hear & wonder.

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Prayer Focus Sun, Apr 5- Creation Care-4

SCRIPTURE AND WONDER (for the full guide, click on “notes” to download)

Read Psalm 118:1-4. What is the psalmist reminding us of in these verses? Remind yourself.
Read Psalm 118:5-8. Who is the psalmist’s refuge? How has the Lord given you refuge in thesedays?
Read Psalm 118:9-13. This is a psalm of war. Just remember this as we move on.
Read Psalm 118:14-21. “The Lord has become my salvation.” What mighty things has God donethroughout your life? Take some time and say them aloud. How has the Lord become your

Read Psalm 118:22-24. This scripture is quoted 5 times in the New Testament. Every time thestone is represented as Jesus. A cornerstone is the foundational stone of a building, the one that

gives stability to the structure. If these verses are referring to Jesus, what does this say to you?
Read Psalm 118:25-27. In the original Hebrew this phrase translated “save us” is “Ho-shi-yah Na.”The Greek dropped the “sh” for “s” and their pronunciation of this phrase is “Hosanna.” As Jesus enters Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday, people were shouting this part of this psalm…”Save us! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Connecting this psalm of war to Palm Sunday, what was the crowd asking Jesus to do? What did Jesus do?
Jesus did “save” the people, just not in a military way. The freedom Christ brought was saving us from our sin and calling us to live as children of God. Read Psalm 118:28-29. Continue with the prayer below as we exult, praise and thank God for who God.


Use this prayer guide, from Psalm 118 to guide your prayers as you close this time of worship.

Lord, your love endures forever. Claim this truth, by
 repeating this phrase several times.
Cry out to the Lord with your needs, and the needs of those around you.
The Lord is with you. Vow to take refuge in the Lord, as struggles come up day by day.
Lord, save us. Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna. Cry out for your community and the world.
We give thanks to you, O Lord, for you are good. Yo
ur love endures forever. Amen!

Closing: Read Numbers 6:24-26. May this blessing live in your heart as you take these prayers from here and pray in hope and grace for yourself and the world. God’s blessings poured out upon you.

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