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Bible Text: Jonah 1 & 2 | Speaker: Pastor Amy | Series: Prayer | Today’s message focus is on the contrasting prayers by Jonah during the hardest points of his life.  We invite you to follow this guide to hear & wonder. As you listen or watch today’s message:

Read Jonah 1. How would you react to being in the belly of a fish?
Read Jonah 2. What was Jonah’s response?
What are your favorite parts of Jonah’s prayer? What parts do you relate to today? Challenge: What is it today that you can be thankful for?  Create your own palm for next Sunday (be creative)

Closing: Read Numbers 6:24-26. May this blessing live in your heart as you take these prayers from here and pray in hope and grace for yourself and the world. God’s blessings poured out upon you.

NOTE: You can watch our service via by clicking on this link:

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