Christ is Risen!!…Now What?

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Bible Text: John 21:15-19 | Speaker: Ben Lepper | Series: Kingdom of God | We often build ourselves up for the big event, the big moment in which we want to be at our best. Sometimes, after that moment has passed, we feel deflated, directionless, or without purpose. Christ’s resurrection marked the pinnacle of history and now our work begins.

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Scripture and Wonder: During the Easter Season we are focusing our time on considering the idea of the Kingdom of God. Follow this guide to hear & wonder.

Read John 21:15-19.

Sometimes after Easter, we are unsure of what faithfulness looks like after Christ defeated sin and death. Jesus needs only two things from us.

1. Feed His sheep 2. Follow Him

The world needs leadership. And Jesus needs followers. One of the most irritating things to us as humans is to relegate ourselves to the status of merely a follower.

Jesus never says, “Lead them.” He says, “Feed them.” He never says, “Speak for Me,” He says, “Follow Me.”

What we need is the ability to lead without the need for control.


What are some ways we might try to “Lead” instead of “Feed”?
What are some ways we might try to “Speak for Jesus” instead of “follow Jesus”?
What is one way today that you can “feed” and “follow”?
What do you want to take forward from here to hold on to and practice this week?


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