A Way of Prayer

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Bible Text: Daniel 6, Psalm 23, Psalm 8Series: Prayer | Today’s study will focus on the impact of the practice of prayer by Daniel.  We invite you to follow the study guide to hear & wonder what the Lord has to say to you and your family.

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A Worship Study Guide on Daniel 6:  A Way of Prayer


Open with prayer:   Lord of life and love, help us to worship you wholly, with all our hopes and dreams, our fears and worries, our daily lives and our plans for the future.  As we worship, open our hearts to your word and your work.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen


Read Psalm 23:  Which part of this psalm speaks to you today?  Why?

Prayer:  Pray individually aloud or have one person do each part.

J-Jesus- Invitation to praise and worship God.  Thanksgivings for God & lifting God’s fame.
O-Others- Pray for others around you.
Y-Yourself- Pray for your needs, and lay fears, sorrows, joys, and hopes at Christ’s feet.

Scripture and Wonder:  Today’s Prayer focus is on the impact of the practice of prayer by Daniel.  Follow this guide to hear & wonder.


1 What are some reasons to get into a habit of prayer? What kind of impact do you think it has on you?  What impact might it have on others around you?


2. This text is from the end of Daniel’s story in scripture. At this point he was probably about 80+ years old.  He had been taken away from his country as a young man, had served 3 foreign kings at this point and been a top respected official for each of them.  (Read Chapters 1-5 later to get some background on him if you are interested.)  Yet, what was Daniel’s practice in prayer every day?  Why do you think he continued to practice prayer in this way?  (Read 1 Kings 8:27-30 where Solomon initiates this practice with God.)


3. The king made a decree (edict) about only praying to him for 30 days. Why do you think the king did that?


4. How do Daniel’s fellow leaders use this against Daniel?


5. What is Daniel’s punishment for following his faith? And how did the king feel about this?


6. The Law of the Medes and Persians was irrevocable, and once put in place with the kings seal it was never broken. What did the king do with Daniel?  What did he say?


7. What did the king find when he unsealed the lion’s den in the morning?


8. What new proclamation did the king make?


9. Who all were impacted by Daniel’s prayer practices? Might God still use this way to impact others?


10. What part of this story works in your heart most? Why?


11. Name aloud one thing you will do because of how this scripture is working on you today.


Closing:  Begin or continue your practice of prayer with this psalm of wonder and praise.  Blessings as you head out into this week considering your practice of prayer.

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  1. This was meaningful to us..it made us feel closer to our church family knowing we were all studying the same Bible Story & scripture. I couldn’ get the video though? God bless our Church family. Keep us safe & healthy through these hard times.

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  2. Truly, this is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!! What a glorious day: Bible open to the suggested passages, listening to Pastor Amy sharing the story of Daniel and the lions den, and knowing and understanding the awesome power of prayer. All the while enjoying the rising of the sun in the tree tops outside my windows and hearing the birds singing their morning songs to God the Most High – so blessed. Thanks be to God!!

  3. We are thanking God for 80+-year-olds who are faithful to the Lord (We know a few at IM!!). We praise God for his faithfulness in challenging times.

    Thanks for leading us in worship, Pastor Amy! We appreciate you and look forward to future remote worship times.

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